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Delivering Innovation


We offer a full design service as well as individual consultations for anything electro-acoustic.

Founded in 1997, Blast Loudspeakers Ltd. came about when Laurence Dickie, former senior research engineer with Bowers & Wilkins, decided to apply some of the lessons learnt developing the Nautilus loudspeaker to professional studio monitors. After two years’ work optimising the design of a range of high SPL drivers, Dickie was invited to join the Turbosound R&D team where he worked alongside Danny Cooklin, a seasoned stalwart of the world of professional sound reproduction.

Innovation from concept to product

The Blast team have a significant portfolio of inventions and innovations behind them; from enclosure designs to driver loading and diaphragm optimisation to novel magnet topologies we have looked at every aspect of loudspeaker design from first principles and never shied away from doing things differently if the end justifies it.

Design, Development, Delivery

Turning an interesting theoretical or experimental result into a practical product requires an understanding of materials and processes. We pride ourselves in having developed realistic manufacturing methods using approaches which confounded the establishment but proved entirely successful.


Whatever the strengths of the engineered loudspeaker design, the final result has to integrate into the real world and whether that means a high quality exterior finish or the hardware to fly the system at a live venue while conforming to the required standards, we can deliver on all fronts.


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